Junior FF Program




The Rostraver Central Fire Department Junior Firefighter Program is designed to recruit, train and prepare young adults to become active firefighters within the community.  The program  consists of :

  • Initial application (16-17) year old males and females.
  • Screening  and investigation process to ensure comparability to the department goals and objectives.
  • Interview with Applicant and Parents by Fire Chief to explain program.
  • Physical examination (school physicals are acceptable).
  • Acquisition of working papers (from School District)
  • Training. Both in house and at the WCCC Fire Academy
  • Fund Raising and Support Functions
  • Emergency Operations
  • Transition to Senior Firefighter at age 18

If you feel you have what it takes to become a junior firefighter at Rostraver Central Fire Department, feel free to contact the station by calling (724) 379-5036 or by email at chief105@rostravercentral.com

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